About Us

purple line graphOur Process

We move ideas to action through the application of a variety of change frameworks. Our work is in partnership with organizations. Through coaching and consultation, we move through the change process together. Our goal is to teach the tools and framework of change, building the capacity within the organizations to continue ongoing change for the better.

Quality Improvement

  • Model for Improvement
  • Collaborative Innovation Network Model
  • Developing Driver Diagrams

Organizational Change Framework

  • Prosci® Methodology

Strategic Planning Facilitation

Meeting Facilitation

Who Uses Our Services


Organizations that find our services useful are those working with multiple partnerships to create change. These include:

  • health care associations
  • care providers
  • state agencies
  • federal agencies

Our Solutions

The FrameShift Group helps health care providers, associations, and state and federal agencies analyze and address the issues which lead to the wide variation in the delivery of healthcare services, the underuse and overuse of some services and misuse of others. Through our work in quality improvement, we aim to ensure that organizations maintain what is good about their operations while focusing on the areas that need improvement.

We believe that good health comes from much more than the health care system. Our paradigm includes community, educational and economic factors that influence health.

Our Mission

FrameShift Group’s mission is to ensure a high quality health care system by promoting partnerships, shared knowledge and evidence-based data-driven change.

Our Vision

A collaborative approach to health and health care delivery that finds creative solutions enabling higher quality systems of care, with the focus on being accessible, equitable and patient- and family-centered.