purple diagramThe FrameShift Group provides clients with a broad, unbiased perspective as they seek to make systems improvements. We have a deep understanding of the current health care environment as well as the ability to resolve complex problems combining skills in medical care, business and communication.

Unlike other health care improvement consultants, the FrameShift Group has the capability of focusing on improvement in the areas of primary care and pediatrics. With our guidance, shifts in health care service can be instigated by a neutral party, without an agenda, helping organizations solve problems, begin to generate their own data and ultimately produce ongoing change for the better.

The FrameShift Group provides the tools and trains clients to use the tools. We also help clients gain the skills and competencies that they need to make positive change going forward.

Our Approach

Rather than just coming into an organization, doing an analysis and making recommendations, the FrameShift Group emphasizes impact and outcomes. We believe that organizational change is most effective when based in relationships and trust. Our goal is to build capacity within the organization. We coach and teach those within the organization to generate their own data so they can continue to make improvements after the initial hands-on training and/or analysis is completed.

While there are others working on health care improvement, few come at it with a neutral yet multi-dimensional point of view. The FrameShift Group utilizes these characteristics to help organizations solve complex problems and put systems in place that will lead to improvement for patients as well as the organization’s bottom line.