For health care associations, care providers, and state and federal agencies, the FrameShift Group provides not only the strategic thinking to decipher what is needed to achieve health care improvement goals but also the tools for making a positive impact with measurable outcomes. Unlike other consultants in this field, the FrameShift Group has the breadth of expertise to tackle the complex issues of health care quality in a neutral space, with the unbiased, multi-dimensional approach necessary to help solve this industry’s complex problems.

Strategic Thinking

Many health care organizations have outstanding skills in their areas of expertise but lack the time or framework to think strategically about how to ensure they are delivering an exemplary level of care. The FrameShift Group can provide the kind of strategic thinking these organizations need to solve their highly complex problems given their wide variety of inputs.


As outlined by the Institute of Medicine, the health care system should focus on six aims: patient safety, effectiveness, patient-centeredness, timeliness, efficiency, and equitability. As we work to find solutions to problems in the health care industry, we remain committed to finding solutions that are impactful in these areas.


Outcomes are the results of specific health care services and interventions, measured at the community, system and/or individual level. In today’s environment, there is increasing demand for showing outcomes. The FrameShift Group believes that measurement and data-driven change are useful tools for assessing outcomes including quality, effectiveness and value of health care services.

We know quality. We know you. We know the context.


The FrameShift Group provides a neutral space for problem solving that is impartial, objective and credible. In this environment, we work with a variety of partners to analyze the issues. The neutral space is not a location or place specifically, but rather an entity with the credibility and integrity to host an unbiased process and environment. Here, collaborative discussion and deliberation leads to productive outcomes.


When we talk about quality in health care, we’re referring to the degree of excellence. When setting priorities for improvement, we consider multiple dimensions of excellence including safety, effectiveness, person-centric, timeliness, efficiency and equity. These dimensions are often complementary, but when tensions develop, they need to be balanced. For example, “effective” may not always go hand-in-hand with “timely”. We bring stakeholders together to prioritize issues, impact and action.


Some health care organizations struggle to find the time, finances or skills to spearhead the kind of improvements they know are necessary to take them to the next level. With our strategic thinking capacity and multi-dimensional approach, the FrameShift Group can lead health care organizations through an evolution that solves complex operational problems with measurably improved outcomes.