Unique Practice-Change Tools to Improve Vaccine Rates


A National Medical Association

Why We Were Contracted

  • FrameShift Group has worked alongside practicing medical providers to implement similar projects, so we knew we should recommend tools that a practice team could easily complete together in an hour or less. In our experience, brief worksheets with direct, concise language are most likely to be used in a busy office – especially one that does not have a highly-trained QI professional. This wasn’t what the client was expecting, but their volunteer members loved this unexpected direction.
  • In addition to being experts in quality improvement, FrameShift Group consultants have other expertise in various aspects of public health and healthcare. Rebecca has worked in several capacities throughout the vaccine delivery system at a state and national level. Her knowledge of the ACIP schedule, immunization registries in various states and federal VFC requirements allowed us to compile the needs assessment without substantial coaching from AAP. This knowledge also helped focus the content of the tools in a limited amount of time.
  • With a background in marketing, Laura was able to evaluate language used in the needs assessment and the tools that might be “jargon.” This was critical in this project, since different states and jurisdictions use a multitude of acronyms and phrases to describe different components of the immunization delivery system and EMR companies describe data reporting functions differently. Most importantly, a successful immunization project will require practice team members who do not interface with patients, like IT professionals. Everyone at the practice level needed to understand what we were asking them to do.

Our Role/Task

  • Develop a timeline and detailed scope of work, including defining objectives for the overall project
  • Develop and test a needs assessment (online survey)
  • Compile survey results and  interpreted results
  • Develop a collection oftools to assist primary care teams in improving immunization coverage

Client’s Goal

Create and provide three unique practice-change tools to use to assist practices in achieving their goals of increasing their vaccination rates. 

Client’s Challenges

Given that there are many other tools out there for practice change, the challenge was to produce tools that are different and better within the budget and short development time frame.

Our Process/Tools

  • Project Phase 1: Start-Up & Survey (Needs Assessment) Creation
    • Facilitated client in process to clarify the overall goal of the project
    • Drafted survey to identify:
      • Current practices in assessing immunization coverage levels
      • Utilization of state immunization registries
      • Perceptions about prioritizing immunization improvement efforts
      • Existing barriers and leverage points which help or hinder a practice to implement a practice-wide initiative to improve immunization coverage
  • Project Phase 2: Survey (Needs Assessment) Period
  • Project Phase 3: Survey Analysis
  • Project Phase 5: Tool Creation working with client’s designer
    • Based on the results of the survey, identified tools that would be most useful
    • Tested and improved draft tools with volunteer medical providers  
    • Coordinated with client’s designer to create final products
  • Project Phase 6: Wrap-Up and Final Report to Client

Supporting visuals

Aim Statement Worksheethttps://downloads.aap.org/DOPCSP/IZAIM.pdf

  • This tool will help pediatric offices develop an aim statement for an immunization-focused practice-change effort using practice data.

Collecting Your Data Worksheet https://downloads.aap.org/DOPCSP/IZCOLLECTDATA.pdf

  • This tool will help pediatric practices quickly identify the best way to collect data to better understand immunization rates and improve immunization coverage.

Run Chart Worksheethttps://downloads.aap.org/DOPCSP/IZRUNCHART.pdf

  • Using a run chart will help practices track progress.

Supporting Quotes

  • Pediatrician consultant 1
    • “I think all the tools look really excellent.”
    • “Thank you for breaking it all down step by step.”
    • “This is going to be very helpful to practices.”
    • “Thanks so much for all the excellent work on this!”
  • Pediatrician consultant 2
  • “Well focused approach.”

Client’s next steps

  • AAP will post the tools on their website for members to download and use in their practices.